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2016 Girls Week 1

Olympian Goddesses (Hera vs Aphrodite vs Athena vs Artemis)

2016 – Girls Week 2

Winter Week (Jack Frost vs Grinch vs Abominable Snowman vs Scrooge)

2016 – Girls Week 3

One Direction Week (Harry vs Liam vs Niall vs Zayn(villain))

2016 – Girls Week 4

Y.A. Novels (Hermione vs Katniss)


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2016 – Boys Week 1

Creatures of the Night (Ghost vs. Vampire vs. Werewolf vs. Zombie)

2016 – Boys Week 2

Prehistoric Week (Dinosaur vs. Mammoth vs. Sabre Tooth vs. Cave Man)

2016 – Boys Week 3

Pokemon (Bulbasaur vs. Charmander vs. Pikachu vs. Squirtle)

2016 – Boys Week 4

Civil War (Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man)

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