Camp Activities

Activities at camp include considerable use of the waterfront, sport fields and indoor facilities when the weather is poor. Hikes, canoeing, games, sing songs, storytelling, skits and campfire are highlights for our campers. Full enjoyment of nature is a reality at St. Brigid’s, and in a setting that produces contentment and fulfillment, our campers are encouraged to have a moment of reflection and thanksgiving. Many of our campers truly appreciate these experiences.

Checkout these sections below for more details:

Swimming and Water Activities

Swimming and other water-based activities are a big part of camp life. Our staff is trained in water safety, led by a team of fully accredited lifeguards.

Swimming Tests
Children are tested for swimming ability on the first day of camp. They are then given directions as to the areas in which they are allowed to swim. Non-swimmers or weak swimmers will be restricted to a safe area where water is shallow.

There are canoes and other boats at the camp. All campers are required to wear life jackets (which are provided) before entering any water craft. Boating activities are fully supervised.

Fishing and Frog Catching
Lake Manitou is very much a “live” lake, and children so-inclined can spend their free time trying to catch the various fish and amphibians that populate the shoreline.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are a big part of camp life. Besides water activities, our program includes:

  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • STB Mini Olympics
  • Games such as capture the flag
  • Hiking
  • Etc.

Indoor Activities

When it rains, indoor activities are available to pass the time waiting for the rain to stop. These include:

  • Bingo
  • Movies
  • Arts and crafts
  • Skits
  • And sometimes if its not raining too hard, we even play outside!

Campfire and Other Activities

St. Brigid’s Summer Camp has the best campfire pit of any camp! Bleachers surrounding the pit give every camper a great seat at a safe distance to enjoy the magic of the crackling flames under a starry night sky. Senior staff play guitars and lead the campers through traditional campfire songs as well as special songs composed just for STB. Story telling, marshmallows roasted to perfection and the occasional shooting star make for great memories to be taken back to the city.

Mud Pit

When a poll is conducted at camp to find out what is the most popular activity, the mud pit always comes in first. Where else can you cover your body in soft oozy mud from head to toe and not get into trouble from mom or dad! Following a wash in the lake, most campers return again for another mud bath.