Boys and girls aged 8 to 14 are invited to register for a 5 day camp week during either July (boys’ month) or August (girls’ month). Invitations to campers are also extended through school and community networks to identify as many campers as possible who for financial, social or family reasons would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the camp environment. Other campers come to know St. Brigid’s through our extended family and continue to send new generations.

Campers travel by school bus to and from camp, leaving Ottawa on Monday mornings and returning to Ottawa on Friday afternoons (St. Brigid’s Summer Camp is located in Low, Quebec). The bus ride to and from camp is all part of the experience! Parents/Guardians are responsible for bringing their child(ren) to the bus stop on Monday morning by 8:00 am and picking up their child(ren) at the bus stop on Friday afternoon at 3:45 pm. There is only one bus stop for pick-up and drop-off: the parking lot of St. John the Apostle Church, 2340 Baseline Road.

Special Needs

If your child has special needs (behavioural, emotional or physical), please speak to Joanne Cooke prior to registering. Most food allergies can be accommodated. Please phone the Camp Director, Joanne Cooke, or the Camp Medical Administrator before your child’s session if you have any medical, behavioral or other concern. The camp phone number is (819) 422-3396. Please do not call the camp unless it is necessary. You can appreciate that with over a hundred children each week, if parents begin calling just to see how things are going, we would not be able to do anything else. Joanne Cooke, the Camp Director, or the Medical Administrator will call if there is a problem.

The safety of each camper is of the utmost importance to St. Brigid’s Camp. Each camper must recognize a personal responsibility to follow the safety rules established by the St. Brigid’s Camp staff. Our staff do not have the training to handle campers that require constant one on one supervision or support. At St. Brigid’s Camp it is important that all campers have a certain level of independence which enables them to work as part of a cabin setting, and to be able to behave and interact with others, and follow our Code of Conduct.

Camp Rules

Please review the Conditions of Registration. The following rules are in effect at St. Brigid’s Summer Camp to ensure the safety and happiness of everyone attending camp:

  • No cell phones are permitted
  • No knives of any kind
  • No lighters
  • No inappropriate language is to be used
  • No bullying is tolerated
  • No fighting is allowed
  • Campers must follow instructions from their counselors and senior staff members

For more details about life at camp, check out out the Camp Activities page.