Leader-in-Training Program

About the Leader-in-Training Program

St. Brigid’s Summer Camp’s Leader-In-Training (L.I.T.) program is a two-week leadership program for boys and girls who have completed Grade 9 or 10.  The program is designed to challenge the participants as leaders, focusing on encouraging personal growth and building leadership strategies and team skills that will be easily transferable back into their communities.  L.I.T. participants spend some time shadowing counselors under the guidance of their L.I.T. Director(s), Head Counsellors, Program Staff and Camp Director.  The program also includes specific group activities designed especially for participants which are held away from the main program.

Some of the highlights of the first week of the program include icebreaker games and problem solving activities to facilitate a team-building environment and to help participants develop leadership skills and training with an emphasis on improving communication skills, recognizing the value of team work and learning to place the needs of others before one’s own needs.  The second week highlights the importance of self-reflection and self-awareness.  Other activities also include first aid, canoeing skills, leading camp games/activities during sign ups/campfires, etc.

Our hope is that L.I.T. participants will become more confident, effective and inspiring leaders who have had exposure to a number of leadership styles and are better equipped to take on an active role as a leader in their community.  They will come away with new and lasting friendships, a new appreciation for how working together is good for them as well as the group, understanding of how giving of yourself can be a rewarding experience and an unforgettable two weeks at camp!

About Community Service Hours in the L.I.T. Program

An important part of the L.I.T. program is the element of community service and the program is designed to encourage a sense of social responsibility. L.I.T. participants spend time assisting staff with tasks and learning about the importance of giving back to the camp community.  They are thus eligible to receive community service hours, which can be used for the requirement needed for their Ontario Secondary School diploma. They will also receive a Leadership Certificate at the end of the program.

Over the course of the two week program, a total of 40 hours of community service will be earned with the completion of the following tasks:

  • Loading and unloading of the luggage truck on Mondays and Fridays
  • Assisting with meal service and clean-up
  • Shadowing and supporting counselors in the cabins and during games and activities
  • Helping with program – setting up games, painting faces for games, running crafts, running sign-ups
  • Assisting with maintenance and beachfront tasks – collecting brush, stacking wood for campfire, raking, loading/unloading canoes
  • Attending a session on community service and completing research on potential post-program volunteer opportunities