STB Staff Scholarship Form

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  • e.g. Bursary office, Office of the registrar, Financial aid office, Administration office, etc. (include contact name)
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  • By pressing the 'Submit' button I declare that the above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand a false statement may disqualify me from the scholarship. I understand that information on this application form may be shared with members of the St.Brigid's Summer Camp scholarship committee. I agree to promptly notify the committee of any changes to the information in this application such as a withdrawal from post-secondary studies. In addition, by pressing the 'Submit' button I accept and understand that should I be awarded an STB Scholarship I may be required to fulfill certain tasks as described by the scholarship committee. (For example, named scholarships may require a letter of thanks being mailed to the donor(s).) Please do not press more than ONCE.